Retaining Walls

Need a retaining wall to create your backyard patio, add more level area on your property, or manage runoff and drainage? Dutchies Stone Works has the equipment and expertise to help you design a functional and beautiful wall that's built to last.

Did you know that not all retaining walls are built equal? Proper care and expertise will create a better wall which stands the test of time. Well built natural stone walls add incredible value and character to your home and property.

natural stone retaining wall

Dry Stacked Retaining Walls

Natural stones have been used since the beginning of time, and create the best, long lasting retaining walls. Provided the wall is built right, a dry stacked stone wall will last a lifetime. Cement is not visible but is used to hold the stones in place. See the image below for the proper way to build a retaining wall. Good drainage material behind the wall, a solid foundation underneath, and a slight set back along the front of the wall will help create a good retaining wall. If you have any questions or concerns about a wall for your property, please feel free to contact us.

how to build a dry stacked retaining walls