Patios & Walkways

Just like transforming a house into a home, creating a quality, inviting outdoor living space requires an investment of time and materials. Establishing your outdoor paradise as comfortable and welcoming takes experience, skill, and a personal investment in the job, and that goes for both you, the homeowner, as well as the professionals performing the work. While standard hardscape materials may look good for the short term, choosing natural stone will keep your walls and floors looking timeless and beautiful for many, many years.


Custom Designed Outdoor Living Space

Whether you have expansive views of the countryside or a small patio in the city, our professionals can work with your existing space and budget to create the outdoor oasis of your dreams. Is there a space outside your home that would make a fantastic location for a lounge and small fireplace? Build a patio to create a space that will draw friends and family outside for entertaining and relaxing.

If your backyard needs a boost, envision the possibilities and then contact Dutchies Stone Work to get started. Our professionals can give you suggestions and ideas based on your property and budget. To learn more about our outdoor stone patio services or to request a free consultation, please call us today.